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The Mt. Vesuvius pine nuts:

Mt. Vesuvius, due to its uncontaminated nature, to its history, and to its majestic overlooking of the bay of Naples, attracts thousands of tourists every year.

All of the flavors of this land can be found in the Pinus Pinea, which is a dominant tree within the Mt. Vesuvius flora and is widespread particularly in the Mediterranean area and in Portugal. However, the quality of the Mt. Vesuvius pine nuts differentiates itself from all of the other varieties because of its intense scent and taste. Since the very beginning, our processing has always respected the product by protecting the integrity of its organoleptic properties, thus offering the utmost product quality.


This delicacy is the result of the Stone Pine tree is present in Mediterranean countries and in Portugal. It's only after that we have carefully selected the cones, that we import them and then we work in our factory. This variety of pine nuts has a resinous taste and a reminiscent smell of pine, the color that characterizes them is a bright white ivory.


With this product we intend to bring out the goodness and refinement that characterizes the Pine. This proposal consists of coating of sugar Mediterranean pine nut, this shell makes the pine nuts a real pearl of sweetness.This procedure enhances the flavor and life to a real delicacy.


These are the fruit of Pinus gerardiana, this is a type of pine tree that comes from the north of Pakistan. The climate of this country and the type of land where it grows, gives to the fruit an oil consistency, a strong flavor and a strong aroma .The tone that characterizes this fruit is a deep yellow ocher.


To this category belong the fruits of two families of pine, Pinus and Pinus Siberica Koraiensis, what distinguishes these two plants is the size. The flavor is neutral, the texture is crunchy and are characterized by an opaque white color

Pine nuts: properties and benefits

Rich of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, pine nuts are a powerful dietary supplement

Antioxidant 0
Vitamins(B2, C,D) 0
High energy value 0
Healing properties 0



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