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The company Ciavolino Daniele was formed in 1950 as a sole proprietorship. Deeply-rooted in the territory, the company grew with Camillo who widened the areas from which the pine cones were procured to the entire Italian peninsula first and later on to regions outside of Italy, more specifically Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, and Albania. From sole proprietorship, the company evolved into Ciavolino Daniele and Sons Sas in 1985, followed in 2003 by the current Ciavolino Daniele and Sons Naples Srl. By then, the company could boast a vast and established expertise in purchasing the best pine cones on the market and in all phases of processing from pine cones to pine nuts. Presently, the company is run by the Ciavolino family’s younger generation. More specifically, by granddad Daniele’s nephew and niece, Daniele Santo and Luana who are following in the footsteps of the old family passion in Torre del Greco by staying loyal to their roots while at the same time working incessantly on the company’s growth and improvement.

Following on the heels of innovation, Pinore’ was born. Pinore’ is a brand that tells the story of our traveled path and opens the door to new challenges. The main strength of Pinore’ is marrying the quality of the Italian dried fruits with new ways to consume them. The new goals are a distribution beyond the Italian borders and an expansion of the product line.

Mission Statement

The Scottish writer and poet, Walter Scott, used to say: “It is wonderful what strength of purpose and boldness and energy of will are roused by the assurance that we are doing our duty”. To us there is nothing closer to the truth than this quote. Having goals to reach has always been our will. We aim to achieve excellence in our products through the selection of the best starting material available on the market. The processing techniques implemented in our Torre del Greco factory bring the quality of our products to a level that allows us to preserve freshness and fragrance for a long time while keeping a very low bacterial level.


BioAgri Cert - ISO 9001 - BioSuisse - IFS Food - BRC FOOD

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    Pine nuts: properties and benefits

    Rich of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, pine nuts are a powerful dietary supplement

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