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Candied Pine Nuts

Candies that enclose mediterranean pine nuts. A delicacy, covered with a thin layer of sugar. Ideal for party favors or as a decoration of cakes and desserts

Mediterranean pine nuts

With this statement indicate the result of the Stone Pine. This type of pine cones is imported from the Mediterranean countries, it will be processed in our factory. They have a rich flavor and a resinous smell resembling pine, are characterized by a white ivory color.

Pine China

This category includes the fruits of two families of pine, Pinus Siberica and Pinus Koraiensis, distinguishable for the different sizes. The flavor is mild and crisp and white opaque.

Pine Pakistan

They are the fruit of Pinus gerardiana, typical pine of northern Pakistan. They have a strong flavor, are characterized by a strong aroma and a yellow ocher color.

Candied pine nuts

It is a new product, which consists of coating of sugar Mediterranean pine nut. This procedure enhances the flavor and fragrance of pine nuts, making this last a delicacy.

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Pine nuts Italy

Sugar-coated pine nuts

Mediterranean pine nuts

Pine nuts China

Pine nuts Pakistan




The biological Vesuvius’s pine

The quality from the Vesuvius has always stood for the perfume and stronger flavor; The reason is mainly because our work has always adhered to the product by ensuring the integrity of the organoleptic properties.


  • Stand Up
  • * 80gr /Package
  • Envelopes
  • * 1Kg /busta
  • *Un cartone contiene 10 buste
  • Cardboard
  • * 12,5Kg /Cardboard
  • Bags
  • * 25Kg /Bag