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Mediterranean pine nuts

With this statement indicate the result of the Stone Pine. This type of pine cones is imported from the Mediterranean countries, it will be processed in our factory. They have a rich flavor and a resinous smell resembling pine, are characterized by a white ivory color.

Pine Sibirica e Koreanensis

This category includes the fruits of two families of pine, Pinus Sibirica and Pinus Koreanensis, distinguishable for the different sizes. The flavor is mild and crisp and white opaque.

Pine Pakistan

They are the fruit of Pinus gerardiana, typical pine of northern Pakistan. They have a strong flavor, are characterized by a strong aroma and a yellow ocher color.

Pine Mediterranean

With this wording we indicate the fruit of the Domestic Pine.
This type of pine cones is imported from the Mediterranean countries and then processed in our factory. They have a rich and resinous taste and an odor reminiscent of pine, their characteristic color is ivory white.


Pistachios are the seed obtained from the shelling of the fruit of the homonymous plant.
Originating from the Middle East, they are excellently cultivated in southern Europe and the United States.
The color ranges from pale green to emerald green depending on the origin and is favored by early harvest.

Pistachio grain

Pistachio grain 2-4 mm available by direct grinding of the selected shelled pistachio. After the granulation operation, the product is finely set, in order to obtain a perfectly calibrated product ready to use. Pistachio grains can be used in different ways, today the confectionery industry is widely used for the decoration of sweets and ice cream

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Pine nuts Italy

Mediterranean pine nuts

Pine nuts Pakistan

Pine nuts Sibirica e Koreanensis

Pine nuts Vesuvio


The biological Vesuvius’s pine

The quality from the Vesuvius has always stood for the perfume and stronger flavor; The reason is mainly because our work has always adhered to the product by ensuring the integrity of the organoleptic properties.


  • Stand Up
  • * 80gr /Packages

  • Envelopes
  • * 1Kg /Envelopes
  • * A carton contains 10 envelopes
  • cardboard
  • * 12,5Kg /cardboard
  • Bags
  • * 25Kg /Bag